United Utilities

The first plant that we installed for United Utilities was at their Blackburn WwTW. It was a bespoke installation utilising our standard modular construction components configured to best utilise the space available within the constraints of the existing plant and buildings.

All components were incorporated in accordance with the client’s established specifications to meet their requirements for interchangeability and standardisation.

There were also site requirements for by pass and radial stockpiling, which were achieved by incorporating a retractable twin screw feed conveyor and a powered radial traverse stockpile conveyor with an ultra-sonic sensor automatically controlling the incremental traverse of the discharge.

We subsequently installed lime dosing plants for United Utilities at Burnley, Wigan, Hillhouse and Carlisle.

Mobile and Contract Lime Dosing

Mobile Lime Dosing Plant designed to fit onto two trailers.

Due to the demand for contract lime dosing we designed and built several mobile plants that are installed on two trailers so that they can easily be moved from site to site and set up to treat cake as required. They can be quickly deployed and arranged to suit the site restrictions and their process can be automatically controlled if a cake feed arrangement to the plant can be utilised or they can come with an operator and a front end loader to feed the cake reception hopper.

Our plants have recently been contracted to Southern Water, Severn Trent Water and South West Water, at the moment we have mobile plants deployed at Anglian Water and Yorkshire Water.



Spernal WwTW

This plant was configured again utilising standard modular components to accommodate the site restrictions and to incorporate the client’s standard specifications for plant and services.