What We Do

Kemical Dosing Ltd was formed in 2007 to dedicate the supply of lime dosing plants and ancillary equipment primarily to the water industry.

The design, supply, install, commissioning and servicing of our plants is carried out by the same team of engineers that we have established and worked together with for the last twenty years providing successful and reliable turnkey process plants to the water industry.

We have refined a dosing process for adding treatment to sewage sludge cake in a constant and consistent dosage to ensure economical usage and process achievement without wastage or contamination caused by additives escaping to atmosphere.

The plant consists of silos, vessels, mixers, conveyors, instrumentation and monitoring equipment all electronically interlocked to achieve the design parameters of the plant.

We are always looking to make our plants more efficient and to reduce the carbon footprint of both their production and their operation.

During design we ensure that power ratings for motors are adequate and steel sections are correctly sized.

Material wastage and paperwork are kept to a minimum.

Our systems are built to last – the longer our systems useful life, the less often replacements are needed. Such longevity simply means better management of the earth’s resources, therefore producing and supplying quality products is one of our core values of trading.

The design and development of our standard plant has evolved from the first example which was supplied to Southern Water’s Horsham sludge treatment centre and has been operating very successfully since 1999.  The design installed there was previously developed at the request of Singleton Birch Limited, one of the UK’s leading producers of lime.  It is based on several years of research that culminated in the building of a mobile demonstration lime stabilisation plant.

This demonstration plant has been successfully employed on more than 50 sites in the UK to date.  The fixed plant at Horsham took the process principles that had been successfully deployed on the mobile plant and enhanced these with a number of electronic and mechanical handling features that have enabled the operation to run continuously on an unattended basis.

We have subsequently installed more than thirty lime dosing plants at various treatment works throughout the UK for Anglian Water, Severn Trent Water, United Utilities, Thames Water and South West Water.

The essence of our process is the feed control and pre-conditioning systems to regulate and minimise the lime dosage thereby eliminating over/under dosing and escapage of lime dust to atmosphere.

In Addition to the fixed plants two more mobile plants have been supplied to Singleton Birch Ltd. and one mobile plant has been supplied to Severn Trent Water Ltd.